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In many systems that have a rank system that uses colored belts, nidan or 2nd degree black belt indicates instructor level. In the American Karate and Martial Science system we separate the black belt rank from the instructor rank. Therefore a Master Instructor may not necessarily mean a master level black belt in martial skill. Although it is the responsibility of junior ranking black belts to assist in teaching classes, not everyone aspires to be a martial arts instructor.

It is not our mission to produce instructors. Our mission is to teach quality martial education. We want our students to know and be confident that they can defend themselves if the need ever arose. We want to develop a students confidence, character, mind, and body. It is our position that teaching is an “old mans” game. That is to say that it’s for one who has spent many years honing their craft in the dojo and or by testing their skills in tournament competition and after having tested their metal, he/she desires to give something back by way of teaching what they know really works. For those that have the desire to teach we offer the following certifications.


Certified Instructor: 1000 hours of supervised instruction.

Assistant Instructor: Completion of a Certified Instructor’s Certification and may teach unsupervised under a Chief instructor.

Instructor:  Has your own club, school or 5 years at black belt rank, instructs under a Senior, Chief or Master instructor.

Senior Instructor: Has your own club, school or 10 years at black belt rank instructs under a Chief or Master instructor.

Chief Instructor: Owner of a club or school. 15 years at black belt rank.

Master Instructor: Owner of a club or school. 20 years at black belt rank. 5th degree black belt or higher.