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The way of the empty hand begins and ends with courtesy and respect. This is, and should be evident throughout the Dojo for any student that takes notice. A student must first and always remember that they are being given the gift of knowledge of the martial arts. A student must also understand that there is no amount of money that can repay their instructor for this knowledge that will be passed to them. The fees are for your private personal membership to belong to the Dojo.  Fees are also for the space used, maintenance and utilities of the facility in which to train. In other words, what an instructor has to offer is for free!!! In the classical schools each student must be accepted by the instructor as a candidate for membership to receive this gift of Martial Arts, and may be asked to leave at any time if they show disrespect or misuse the knowledge they have been given. The student candidate is expected to come to class ready and eager to learn, with the proper equipment and attire.


Upon entering the dojo (training hall) all students will give courtesy by coming to attention by placing their arms by their side and bring both feet together and bow from the waist. Students will then proceed to the dressing room and change into their gi (uniform). Male students normally do not wear a t-shirt under ther gi top. They may wear a black under garment. The female students must always wear an under garment. They may wear a black t-shirt or one that matches the color of their obi (belt). Once the student changes into their gi, they should proceed to the training area and warm up by doing light cardio, dynamic stretches. Once you have entered the Dojo there is to be absolutely no horseplay, or joking around. If class has not yet begun, you may begin stretching or do some warm up on your own by practicing your Kata or bag work. Kumite or sparring is not permitted without the permission of the instructor.


Any activity prior to class starting that may be considered disturbing to the atmospheric conditions of the Dojo is not permitted. When the Instructor comes into the dojo courtesy should be given, and the student should then continue to warm up. When class is called to order the Instructor will say, "Line up!" Students will line up according to belt rank with the senior belt on the right. All students will then come to attention and give courtesy as instructed.


You come to the dojo to work not to socialize or to become socially involved with other students. Maintain your respect for each other, in and out of the Dojo and your instructor at all times and get the most out of the time you spend there. Students are to come to class and be ready to learn, not to talk and disturb others.



                                                         Thomas L. Williams, Chief Instructor

                                                         American Karate & Martial Science



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