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American Karate & Martial Science

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Mission Statement:  Our mission is to achieve Success through Excellence.

Striving for excellence is not a journey for superiority, competing with others or about outstripping someone. Excellence means being better tomorrow than you were yesterday. We achieve excellence by matching practice with potential.

Motto: Reach one, Teach one!

 "In seeking wisdom, the first step is silence,
      the second listening,
      the third remembering,
      the fourth practicing,
      the fifth --- teaching others."



Thomas Williams is the chief instructor and senior master of American Karate and Martial Science. He holds black belt ranks in several disciplines. His mission is to achieve excellence by matching hard work with potential. He believes that at any point in a persons life if you can reach one you can teach one. The physical and cultural arts are uniquely suited for the personal development of children and adults, stressing such values as respect, discipline, courage and integrity while also teaching goal-setting skills and instilling a positive work ethic. Psychological studies show that quality martial arts training improves the ability to focus, to concentrate, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to manage stress. Martial arts also provide positive peer influence, pro-social activity and positive leadership from the instructors. 



American Karate and Martial Science is an eclectic system of martial skills which should not be confused with or considered to be a newly created martial art. It is merely my perspectives, influences and strengths of the martial arts of TaeKwon-Do, GoJu, Kenpo and modern Arnis.

What I have learned from these schools of thought have been compiled, absorbed and distributed back to my students. Therefore, I can not claim to instruct my students in the classical forms of these martial arts. It is what I have given them. Although It may not be classical, it is traditional. Traditional because there is a method and philosophy of how the martial arts have been taught and how my students will instruct their students and so on. Remember, over a period of time, even traditions change. It is every instructors hope that any changes made are positive changes which will help and aid in the growth and development of his/her particular system.

Mr. Williams is the Kansas Representative for the Independent Martial Arts Federation. The Federation provides rank and instructor recognition to martial artists from all disciplines that have found themselves without an instructor or the means to obtain regular promotions

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